Potable Water Management

Potable water

Following hundreds of years of evolution (scientific, cultural and technological) there are currently modern cities around the world that cannot guarantee uninterrupted supply of high quality of drinking water for each and every served household…

How drinkable is potable water nowadays?

We fully comprehend and respect the necessity of providing all households and commercial units in a community with high quality drinkable water, distributed through a modern network with maximum checkpoints both for quality and quantity and minimum maintenance .

We use up to date software that not only simulate the hydraulic behavior of the network but also the quality of the water for various scenarios.

Furthermore, ageing characteristics of the pipes are fed into the system to allow for better maintenance and planning.

The same design quality principles apply to storage reservoirs, tanks and pumping stations.

Smart networks are a key part of the modern city development. The integrated set of products and systems installed on smart networks enable real time monitoring and problem diagnosis so as minimize disruption the leakages. Data produced over the smart networks are valuable for the future shaping of the utilities operators.

Data analytics, is an important decision making tool for investors, operators and end users.

RCE has developed innovative integrated software and hardware solutions for the optimum management of pressure networks.


Water is at the heart of the sustainable development and is critical for the human existence and evolution; healthy communities and ecosystems rely on the supply of high quality, sufficient water.

Water is finite; it can only be renewed if well-managed.

It is estimated that 1.7 billion people live in areas where water depletion rate exceeds natural recharge.

We have developed innovative, stochastic water resources models for the monitoring of the replenishment of the water source and the demand growth; this allows decision making authorities to plan for the near and far future works necessary to cover water demands.

The quality of the water source is closely monitored and controlled in modern, innovative water treatment plants we design.