Flood Protection

Flood protection works - Flood management

Flooding commonly refers to water accumulation in dry, developed community areas resulting from the overflow of nearby water bodies (streams, wadi, etc.). Flooding can cause significant damages even loss of life. Flooding is listed among the worst disasters for a community.

The first step in the Flood Protection design is the delineation of the watershed and the identification of sub-basins. Following this, the design flow is calculated by choosing the optimum, for the area, hydrologic method and preparing a new hydrologic study. A preliminary 2D overloand flow analysis is then developed and simulated so as to spot areas prone to flooding and adjust the design accordingly.

Proactive management is vital for reducing the risk that comes with natural disasters originating from floods.

Risk identification, development of strategies and implementation of policies and programs can help reduce risk exposure and damages causing destruction to local communities.

We have significant experience in producing flood risk maps. Flood risk maps are produced for various frequencies of precipitation events and help managing authorities to plan response actions and assistance.

We proudly offer our clients a holist approach to flood management and flood protection design. Our services include:

Hydrology - we get raw rainfall data to derive IDF curve and calculate the original hyetograph of the study area and then the flow graph.
Watershed survey - we deploy land survey equipment and photogrammetric drones to get elevation, soil cover and land use data for the watershed.
Watershed Delineation - we use modern software to identify the boundaries of the watershed on either the surveyed DTM or in case of large watersheds (several hundred km2) on ASTER global elevation maps.
1D / 2D flood modelling - we use modern up to date FEMA approved software installed on state of the art computer systems for 1D and 2D overland flow analysis.
Flood plain management - we map flood prone areas and assist local and national authorities manage activities within these areas; should this be impossible (e.g. urbanized area) alternate strategies such as flood proofing and protection are applied.
Dams/Diversions/Reservoirs - we have significant experience in the design of dams, water diversion and storage works (reservoirs).
Dam break analysis - we carry out explicit breach analysis for existing and new dams and ponds.