Project ID





Network Length

40 km

Network Diameters

DN75 to DN250

Other Information

2 booster pumping stations


Municipal Water and Sewerage Company of Lavrio

Project Details

Aging water distribution infrastructure suffers significant leakage and frequent bursts under the continuous stress placed on pipes by modern operational requirements. During peak demand conditions the existing works cannot deliver the required flow of water.

The project involved the design of a modern potable water distribution network directly connected to the main feeder pipe managed by the Athens Water Company. Currently the area relies on one aging water tanks with excessive leakage and structural problems connected to old pipe networks made of asbestos cement pipes with several patches due to frequent bursts. The material and the state of the existing network and the balance tanks raised health issues as well as high maintenance and running costs.

The new network, includes 40km of new High-Density Polyethylene pipes (HDPE 10atm and 16atm) ranging from DN75 to DN250 and 2 main booster stations.

The area had to be divided in two zone (high and low) in order to adjust to the morphology of the area (ground elevations range from +68m to +200m). Optimizing the network to reduce energy cost without compromising the quality of the distributed water (e.g. low velocities inside pipes) was the main challenge of the project.

The provided services also included the preparation and submission of the Environmental Impact Assessment dossier.