Project ID




Storm, Flood Protection

Watershed Area

1160 ha

Total Drainage area

290 ha

Design population



Municipality Ag. Anargiroi - Kamatero

Project Details

Although the design area lays in the catchment of one of the major water bodies of West Attica (Exchatia stream) that has given significant flooding in the past, no stormwater network exists. Surface run-off causes frequent flooding; RCE was awarded the masterplan of the stormwater drainage of the area.

The design involved the development of a masterplan for the safe drainage of the surface run-off for the design area which extends over 290 ha. In total, 16km of conduits (ranging from DN600 to box culvert 3.00 x 2.00m) were designed to carry a maximum flow (per branch) 20m3/s.

The population who will benefit from the design is 62,529.

The provided services also included the preparation and submission of the Environmental Impact Assessment dossier.