Landscape Irrigation

Landscape design and plantation is an important part of either an industrial or residential development. We have designed irrigation systems from private gardens to large recreation areas in communal spaces.
Landscape design is focused in two main elements; the open common spaces of a development and the private gardens; it is important these two elements to be part of an integrated, functionally, aesthetically and sustainable unified group of soft and hardscape layouts. It is disorienting and visually disturbing to have several main themes in a single development.
When Landscape is designed in arid or urban developments with a surrounding that lacks particular natural value then it has to be the outstanding feature; on the other hand when communities are developed in places surrounded by natural treasures then the latter should prevail.
Landscaping is not limited to gardening and plantation. Landscape include:

  • hardscape and structures (kiosks, benches etc.)
  • footpath itineraries
  • water features
  • mood lighting

and generally a set of open space elements that give a unique sustainable, refreshing dimension to the users.

Farming Irrigation - Agriculture

Economies of many countries around the globe rely on farming which in turn is directly related to the availability, sufficiency and quality of the irrigation water. In most cases water applied in irrigation farming comes from rainwater or ground water harvesting. Agriculture is the world’s largest freshwater consumer accounting for more than 2/3 of the global freshwater withdrawal. Agriculture is driven by the increase food production and demand.

Our expertize is not limited to the design of main, secondary or tertiary irrigation networks; we embrace a holistic approach to allow communities to better address and satisfy their needs. Starting from the detailed hydrological and/or ground water analysis and we determine the volume of water which can safely be stored and withdrawn for irrigation without affecting local environmental conditions and then we design irrigation works either based on the area which can be covered considering the existing crops or by assigning the maximum irrigation area re-arranging the crop types; to get a better understanding of the local conditions we deploy photogrammetric drones across the agricultural land to be irrigated.

We have designed irrigation networks from 3,000ha of agricultural land, down to sprinkler networks for few hundred square meter farms. Our team includes agricultural experts who can calculate demands based on the crop type.