b2b services

We can model your hydraulics/hydrology project in modern hardware/software and prepare white label video simulations, presentations, soft and hard copy submissions to your clients.

Our b2b services include:

  • Conversion of 1D to 2D (or combination of 1D & 2D) flood analysis modelling and simulation
  • Preparation of 2D overland flow video
  • Conversion of pipe network steady state flow to Dynamic Wave or Kinematic, Extended Period modelling and simulation
  • GIS conversion of your CAD project (including webGIS integration)
  • Water Hammer analysis of your pressure network
  • Cathodic protection against corrosion for your pipe network
  • Development of BIM model of your designed works
  • Clash analysis review of all designed works

dynamic wave simulation of a downstream section of a storm network carrying a maximum flow of 16m3/s; it discharges in a pond before the stored volume gets pumped to the final outlet.

Why choose our b2b services

You enjoy low cost, high quality services without the need to maintain expensive software licenses and high-tech hardware. Furthermore, our modeling experts have significant experience in similar project and hence they can complete the outsourced tasks within the given time and budget.

We customize submissions per your corporate layout, to enable seamless integration with all the deliverables.