We are engineers, not computer users

Our team is a blend of highly experienced engineers of diverse disciples focused on the design and supervision of Infrastructure Works.
Our senior directors started designing in engineering graph papers, later they developed custom spreadsheets and today they use modern software which not only have they fully mastered but also they can macroscopically assess the output and spot bugs, data inconsistency and other problems.

Value Engineering

During the design process of the infrastructure work, our team is focused not only on providing a sound, technically correct solution at any cost but also in adjusting the final deliverable within a budget.

Over-dimensioning or designing keeping fingers crossed to be on the safe side is not part of the tasks of an engineer; our engineers, who are well experience and educated to comprehend the Client’s requirements and local specifications, design solutions that are viable, eco-friendly and within the given time frame and the lowest possible budget.

The financial aspects of a project are among the main design criteria set at the beginning of each project.

Value Engineering should not be confused with lower engineering value of the final deliverable. Value Engineering should be compared with Clever, Functional, Precise, Durable Design i.e. Engineering !

This is why Value Engineering is always an integral part of our Design Services.
Quality Assurance

The ISO9001:2008 compliant Quality System our team follows, includes procedures, codes of practice and templates that provide a simple, clear, already tested route to excellence and sets the environment in which all disciplines’ teams can take all necessary actions to achieve the project’s objectives and provide clear and unambiguous reporting of progress.

The internal quality process ensures that design procedures are subject to systematic review, in line with a pre-determined time schedule, and with an appropriate level of senior management involvement.

We are Fanatic on Quality

nothing more.-